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Домашние задания по английскому языку для 10-го класса Второй семестр

Урок 33

4 февраля a) Good music is characterized by its lasting qualities
Pop music appeared in the mid-50s
Because you can't hear the words.
No, they are not.
Bob Dylan sang about death, war, class attitude and justice.
б) Музыка - \"это искусство сочетания звуков с точки зрения красоты формы и выражения эмоций\" Хорошая музыка, как любое хорошее искусство, характеризуется своими постоянными качествами С этой точки зрения, п поп-музыка может рассматриваться как антитеза музыкеці.
в) 1) Pop music has permeated all the mass media - such as radio, television, cinema, press
2) Good music, like any good art is characterized by its lasting qualities.
3) Pop music appeared in the mid-50s with the arrival of rock'n'roll.
4) Bob Dylan sings poetically about death, war, class attitude and justice.
5) The Beatles enjoyed popularity because of a good melody.

51) We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January 2) When Christmas is celebrated in England? ave forgotten to greet my sister with Christmas 6) Who greeted you with Christmas? t home.

Урок 35

211) I have bought two loafs of white bread 2) My mother asked me to buy a loaf of bread 3) Where can I buy a bun? very big shop 6) I shall go to buy tinned fishish in an hour 7) My family buys food at the supermarket 8) We don't buy bread at the butcher's shop 9) A loaf of bread costs 1 hryvnia 10) Let's buy tinned meat

Урок 36

25 Have you any apples?
Two kilograms, please.
Here you are.
Here are 3 hryvnias.

Can I help you?
Yes, I want this suit.
What size?
My size is 46.
Here it is.
Let me try it on.
Please This is a mirror.
How much is this suit?
150 hryvnias.

271) A short time ago my mother bought food at shops They were too expensive at the market Now my mother buys only bread, sugar and butter at the shop 2) I never buy goods in this shop, they are the m most expensive here 3) I have bought 4 ice-¬ creams: for my sister, for my mother, for my father and for mor me.

Урок 37

311), 5), 7), 9)

32SA: Can I help you, madam?
LC: Yes, I want some butter, some cheese, and eggs: a pound of butter, half a pound of cheese, 10 eggs
SA: Yes, madam.
LC: Oh, I want coffee too.
SA: What coffee?
LC: That one.
SA: Here is your bill Pay at the cashdesk, please

34 см. упр СО.

Урок 38

38 Bob: Could you show me that shirt, please? n Shop-assistant: You can do it therthere. Bob: It does not fit me Could you show me another shirt?

411) Shops are very important in our life 2) We can buy almost all in modern department stores 3) What can you buy at the department store? We don't buy sugar at the butcher's shop 6) Where do you buy tinned fruits? ¬ creams 10) Do you like ice-cream?
22 a) Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson go to one of the greatest University towns for a few days of rest. Mr Seames was a lecturer of the college No, he didn't The papers were brought from the printer about 3 o'clock He left the papers upon his writing-table The papers were in disorder: one was lying on the writing-table, the other was on the floor and the third - on the table near the window Mr Seames noticed a hard piece of black clay and the point of a pencil
бы) 1) Mr Seames was going to read the examination papers because the text on these papers must be absolutely correct 2) On coming back, Mr Seames saw a key in the door of his room 3) The only duplicat te of the key belonged to the servanvant.
4) Mr Seames \"servant kept Mr Seames 'rooms in perfect order by cleaning them carefully every day.
в) 1) Excuse my coming so late 2) I can't spare you much time 3) Holmes wanted to devote his spare time to reading magazines 4) The translation must be done without a dictionary (The text is to be tra anslated without a dictionary) 5) I made the most careful examination of my room 6) \"Look at that\", - said Mr Seames and handed Holmes both the piece of clay and the poine point.

Урок 40

542 a) ground floor, lock the door, to examine the room, industrious students, the former, the latter, the least industrious. How long were you absent?
б) Three men lived Ras, an Indian student.
He came in to ask questions about the examination
He left a servant in the room
No, he didn't.
Gilford was.
The Ras 'weakest point was languages.
Maclaren was older than Ras and Gilford He was the least industrious and the most unprincipled man, he spent little time on his studies and felt very nervous on the days followed by the examinations.

571), 7);

60 1) Yes, I do 2) No (Yes), she doesn't (she does) 3) I know different kinds of shops, such as chain-stores, supermarket, the butcher's shop, the baker's shop, the shop, department store, haberdashery, ready-made clothes shop, footwear shop, sport goods shop 4) We buy bread and bun at the baker's 5) My mother buys food at the supermarket 6) Yes, she does 7) Sho p-assistants sell food in shopn shops.

Урок 43

701) I like cooking 2) My sister does not like cooking 3) Phone me in 15 minutes, I am cooking now 4) You like cooking, don't you? he likes beefsteak with fried potatoes 8) Take a piece of bread 9) I have dinner in our canteen usually 10) My friend never has dinner in our canteer canteen.

Урок 44

791) I am having dinner now 2) He usually has breakfast at half past seven 3) When do you usually have supper? ng supper 6) What are you doing now? g supper, when my friend came in 10) You usually have breakfast at eight o'clock, don't you?

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